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Woodberry & Associates President Rings Closing Bell at NASDAQ Stock Exchange

Warren Woodberry Jr. a member of 100 Black Men of Long Island join members in ringing the closing bell for the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in New York City.

Woodberry was joined by Jerrid Douglas, President of 100 Black Men of New Jersey; Phillip Andrews, President of 100 Black Men of Long Island; and other members from various founding chapters of the 100 were on hand for the symbolic ringing of the closing bell.

The members were recognized by Albert E. Doston, Jr.,Chairman of the Board, 100 Black Men of America, Inc. 

100 Black Men of America is an international organization of 116 chapters, with 10,000 members worldwide that mentor 125,000 youth annually. The 100 is committed to economic development through various programs including financial literacy initiatives aimed at families and youth.

Left to Right: Warren Woodberry Jr. (100 Black Men of Long Island); Hon. William B. Wise (100 Black Men of Long Island); Jerrid Douglas (President, 100 Black Men of New Jersey); David Wicks (NASDAQ V.P.); Phillip Andrews (President, 100 Black Men of Long Island)