We provide three simple ways to contract for our services. The best way will depend upon several factors regarding the engagement: 

Anticipated duration of the engagement: 

- Level of certainty of the scope & product of the project

– Degree of client interaction & collaboration required

– Depending upon the above factors, there are 3 basic approaches to contracting.

1. Fixed Price Project 
Best when the project and deliverable product(s) are well defined and the work can be conducted by WNA independently or with a minimum of client input or collaboration.

2. Retainer 
Best when a continual or frequent service is provided over a long period of time (months to years) or when quick response resources must be reserved.

3. Time and Materials 
Best when the scope of work or level of effort cannot be determined with confidence, or when a high degree of client input or collaboration is required. 

We explore each of these with clients to arrive at the best contract vehicle.